13Xpro Wheel

Drawing made by unownDB, referencing the drawing Keys by mysterykid


13Xs is an ARG run by an anonymous group referred to as the "Puppet Masters" whom for some reason set up what they call a "game" that they play with each other. A group of players on ROBLOX had all been dragged into this and used as pawns and toys for the game. The group of players have been investigating what the Puppet Masters are and what their motives are.

There are two stories to be told here, the true investigation that takes place and the story that The Puppet Masters construct for the game to progress.

The constructed story (the Puppet Master's story) is much like life in the real world. Time is relevant, whatever decision is made cannot be undone and will ultimately effect how events will play out later on in the story. Sometimes we are given foreshadowing of later events I.E. Mysterykid's Drawings. However the foreshadowing is merely a single possible outcome of many and has a chance to not occur. The likely hood of The Puppet Masters allowing us to change the story line is very slim. The story is an infinite crossover between various stories from "The City of Ember" to "Kingdom Hearts" and has no real end to it that we are aware of.

The Investigation story is the true story based on eye witness accounts and actual recordings and images that were taken. However, most of it is eye witness accounts of the group of people that The Puppet Masters have been toying with for the past decade. This group is known as "RIFT" and are the same ones who created this wiki. RIFT calls this mess of events "13Xs" named after an account that plays a very important role in the fake story. The reason RIFT has made this wiki is to archive 13Xs and share our findings with ROBLOX and those who may have been influenced by this


This wiki is a Work In Progress which means it will be updating over time as more information is received. We are not the ones who created this whole mess of events, this wiki is designed to store notes we have written down about both the games and those who made it.

13Xs is not real, it is a construct created by "The Puppet Masters" (a coined term we use for the people behind 13Xs) and we don't know nearly all the information there is to know about this mess of events in part due to forgetting information over time and a lack of foresight.