This drawing shows a lot of stuff. First off, you can see several characters in this drawing, most of which are deities and keys fighting in the final battle of 13Xs. Zuka uses his void star crown and the 1X1X1X1 brick to ascend himself to a higher plane of existence with Ember to become Zukember. The place this is suppose to happen was created by Zukaakuz, the place is called "Autumn Twilight".

You can see Hourglass and Paradox floating into the big purple rift in the middle that leads to who knows what. You can also see Yenne near the top of the left side of the rift floating on some purple stuff with a cat, and Slenderman is in the side of a tree with his hand going out the other side of another tree located on the other side of the map. Alexandria is behind Slenderman, arriving from Cassandros' dimension. Vortex is also appearing along with twelve strange symbols in hand and X right behind him. The keys are behind trees trying to fight X and Vortex. Others that are involved are helping the keys as well. A few minions X summoned are appearing out a rift.

In the upper right corner of the drawing, you'll see a small fleet of Grandian ships hurdling towards the battle field. This is Katiegirl1 and a small army of KGF going kamikaze into X as an act of revenge for taking Lord Katherine. In the process of this, both josie jack and fawful are about to get hit by the incoming fleet. On the mountain, it says a 13 word phrase that states "What a beautiful day, yet so strange, much obliged for me to arrange". In the right side of the map, you can see a tree with an opening to the inside, the tree trunk is where the drawing Zukember occurs.

In the bottom left, you can see Xolotl at the battle field, reviving Bill Cipher and in the tree leaves on the left you can see Bill Cipher waiting to be revived by Xolotl. There is also a note that says "Clover X. Molewit" which is 100miles' pen name and anagram for "Vortex will come". On the left is a rift going to another dimension, possibly the same one the big purple rift in the center goes to.