"HiddenInstrument told me I didn't exist!" -Sockjoke

HiddenXylophone is a reactive, introverted personality type that relies on logic and trust to solve problems. He was introduced the 13Xs and RIFT when visiting the ROBLOX Library, and ran into one of DB's alts, ToTheCleverest.

Since then he has been following it from afar, missing some influential events due to a busy schedule and not much warning given. He tends to get too emotionally invested in things, and prefers to keep those he cares about close at hand. Enjoys puzzles, riddles, logicians' games, ARGs, etc.

Friend/Therapist/Shoulder to DeminishedChaos

Trusted Friend/Vent to Chrounun

Trusted Friend to Hamson

"I didn't write that description, he did." - Chrounum