Kiki100 is a Grandian soldier who initially came to ROBLOX in 2007, during the SWA vs KGF war. He slept in a hibernation pod until November 2016. In December that same year, he traveled back to 2007 as tunafishes and lived up until the present. He then was supposed to attend the Ascension battle and time travel back to 2012 as kiki100 to tell unownDB the code to DrHoo's time machine computer that unownDB failed to use, thus causing a stable time loop after which, he leaves.

In the drawing Keys, he is the symbol that says "kiki100" which shows an arrow pointing at 2017 to 2012 and vice versa surrounding his name. It is presumed he is currently deceased as tunafishes due to multiple head injuries in the past.

He was eventually kicked off of Grand and sent to ROBLOXia after GuestDoGood's rebellion took place and became the new ruler of Grand. He explained that Grandians have a class system similar to the Hemospectrum that the Trolls in Homestuck have. This class system is based off hair gradients. This class system was eventually abolished by GuestDoGood after his rebellion though. The class system that we currently know of has Red as the lowest gradient a Grandian can have, and thus Red haired Grandians are lowest in class. They are also seen as inferiors due to their lack of Neon hair. The closest that Red can get to in the class system is Neon Pink. Purple is second in class, and Blue is the highest. Both Purple and Blue hair gradients can be Neon.