Meta is known as a "Denizen Deity", or "God" if you will. No one knows what it looks like except its fragments. Meta was given its name by unownDB whom got info of its existence from 100Miles.

It is said that a great war had occurred between the Denizens and the Human race, the outcome of the war was that Meta was shattered into 13 fragments and the universe split in two. This created the digital universe and the physical universe.

Meta's known fragments are: Vortex, Ember, Paradox, Hourglass, Johnathon, Providence, and Cassandros.

On August 20th, 2017, Meta had lost its ability to reform as a whole again. What happened was that Ember, and Kindle had spent all their energy to deliver a lethal blow to X during Ascension. This caused Zukember to fission back into Zuka's fragments, Ember and Kindle with an added side effect of everyone fading away. Since Ember fades away, this causes all the other pieces of Meta to fade away as well in a chain reaction. Yenne had earlier placed Providence and Cassandros in a force field to prevent them from being affected by the chain reaction.