We aren't fully sure when 13Xs actually began, but the story itself would use the beginning of time itself as its setting. Meta created the universe, there was war, the universe split in two and Meta was shattered into 13 fragments. Meta's pieces went into a deep sleep.


In early 1990, the internet was created, this created contact between the digital and the physical universes and woke up Meta's pieces.


In 2005, ROBLOX was created, and Ember decided to invest in the new world. This caused Vortex to only be able to manipulate ROBLOX instead of the entire digital universe. Ember, Vortex, Paradox and Hourglass are trapped in an unknown dimension.


Grand had sent KGF (Kind for the Generation of a Family) to scout out ROBLOXia. The name, KGF is in reference to the generation of an aristocratic royal family, secretly subject to the power of Grand to directly rule over Roblox. The Grandians had begun to colonize Roblox. It was originally lead by Lord Katherine, a Grandian lord and part of the royal family. Katiegirl1, Lord Katherine's sister, is half ROBLOXian and Lord Katherine is all Grandian.


Queen Julia VI was visiting ROBLOX to create diplomatic meeting with the admins. This meeting was supposedly a tea party discussing a peace treaty. Queen Julia VI was then assassinated by presumably Zuka. As she was being assassinated, she put an item she was going to use for the peace treaty in a sugar bowl, then threw the sugar bowl out the window. A few prominent generals, to name a couple, Zuka and Keinding, broke off part of KGF and renamed it; the SWA (Script Wielding Army). They had felt guilty about some of the things KGF and the Grandian Empire were doing in Roblox. KGF obviously didn't like this and tried to combat the SWA which ultimately kicked off the KGF vs SWA war.


The war between SWA and KGF had raged on both ROBLOXia and Brassica Prime for about a year. In 2006, Zalgo was floating by and decided to try and consume Brassica Prime. Hayo had arrived on ROBLOXia as per his destination date via time traveling from the future after being released from his seal. He had no memory of where he came from and was recruited into SWA. He then stole a Grandian ship and was flying over to Brassica Prime as Zalgo was in the middle of its meal. 

Meanwhile, the bigger X had laid its 13 seeds in 13 different timelines, ours included. The X seed lain in this time line was taken by Zalgo and splintered into 13 pieces as Zalgo was consuming Brassica Prime. Zalgo then administered the splintered seed into Hayo after corrupting Hayo while he was flying by in the Grandian ship, thus creating our version of X. 

Right after this had occured, 100miles had done something that turned both Zalgo and Brassica Prime into stone which created Anti Robloxia. BrasicaPrime (the person) had escaped the planet in time and flew to ROBLOXia as well. While this may have interrupted the war, the war would continue to rage on for another year and ended in 2007 in KGF being defeated and thwarted off ROBLOXia. However some KGF members had stayed behind on ROBLOXia. These events can be seen in the drawings: Cabbages and Z'algathoth.