The war between KGF and SWA had ended with victory in SWA's hands. Meanwhile, general Divisible, and second in command's Decreasable and Subtractable have mysteriously gone missing. Meanwhile, Zuka, Minish and Dignity all met due to needing a scripter, artist and builder to make a game.


In 2008, X decides to go and possess Dignity. Meanwhile, Katiegirl1 follows marshsay and his brother around on roblox and starts babbling around and going on about weird things, it is not really remembered what she specifically said, however it is recalled that she blamed marshsay specifically on the deaths of others. It's not recalled who those people she mentioned were. At some point she not only follows marshsay, but she also starts following around marshsay's friends, whom are now long gone. This would continue on for a few years. Most of the time Marshsay would tell katiegirl1 to go away.


After a while, Marshsay and brandon90105 were recruited into SWA by drhoo whom had arrived from ROBLOX coming from Hoo Zero. Keep in mind, this Drhoo is the original from this timeline. The remenants of SWA had reformed into a new group called "FGK" (Family of the Generation of a Kind). Somehow Brandon90105 had angered Katiegirl1 likely by trolling her somehow and thus started the FGK vs KGF war.


The ROBLOX Halloween site hack of 2009 occurs on October 17th, 2009. This would be a very little     documented incident, however there is a video recording about it, here. There was very little               documentation on it, however the person who did it had hacked the site many different times           during that year as well and it would continue on to do so for years to come. The one who did it         was 1X1X1X1. 

We don't think this has to do with 13Xs, but since 13Xs ran along with ROBLOX for some time, it doesn't hurt to anchor in key points in ROBLOX history from time to time.


TheColorMan0 was also recruited on KGF's side and the war had raged until late 2009 with a sort of ceasefire due to both sides losing too many people too fast. Most of the casualties occurred in a single fight on Anti ROBLOXia. 

The reason for all the casualties is because marshsay and DrHoo were working on something that exploded in a lab before the battle even began. No one stood a chance to do anything, the explosion had petrified both sides of the field, turning almost everyone into statues, including DrHoo. Marshsay was the only one unaffected, no one had won or lost the battle. It was after this that the statues were moved to a containment facility at marshsay's place. Drhoo's statue was stolen by an alternate drhoo that had jumped from an alternate timeline over to our timeline. He took the statue of the original drhoo and placed it in his time machine. 

Slendermane happened to be watching the battle with his proxies and were also petrified along with everyone else and was given a very large container. He later just stopped being petrified and broke out of his container. Observer1 and Observer2 were both petrified as well, luckily enough, Observer1 was stored at his own place, it is unknown where observer2 went.

Katiegirl1, Lord Katherine and Spongeblade were all caught in the blast and were petrified as well, however their scripts were somehow taken out of their statues and put into orbs for a short while only to be put into new bodies. It's like they were never caught in the blast now.

Meanwhile, X had possessed general Divisible, and the second in commands Decreasable and Subtractable. X had then gone as Dignity and looked for Zuka whom had been with Minish. Minish saw X's intentions of hurting Zuka and tried to stop him, but X shoved Minish to another plane of reality via a portal. He then takes Zuka and shatters him into four pieces, a Soul, Guardian, Minion and Zukaakuz. Minion and Guardian had gone out and made a lap around Artemena Erratica, exchanging blows in a large fight. They wouldn't return to ROBLOXia for some time. 


In 2011, thecolorman0 would do the same thing katie did to marshsay, but to Haytron and Bombhead894. At the same time, Detective Dupin would find unownDB and would go on to blame unownDB for committing a regicide in killing Queen Julia VI while he was playing his river raft game as a new player. Later on, unownDB would go play space explorers: build and live on a planet, and would find Marshsay playing on it. In the VIP room, marshsay had a dilemma with discoballs and when unownDB came inside, all the discoballs flew around and scattered and dispersed. Detective Dupin later went on to explain the war of FGK and KGF at certain places like this one. UnownDB then learned he had a script wielding power of time. UnownDB decides to guard the orbs hidden in lando's places. He failed miserably almost immediately after taking on the job as a load of KGF assassins came in, stole the scripts in the orbs via doing a "spinny trick" which consisted of spinning on top of the target's head for 5 seconds, really fast and then moving to the side. This unscrews the head weld of the wielder and then their scripts are absorbed by the opponent as an "extra life".