Sulphen, Also known as Stefano is one of the people who are a part of RIFT. He looks like the Half-Life character Gordon Freeman. He was there to give EEked a weapon to defend himself during the final battle. His rank is [V] [Senior Agent].

The Gravity Gun

"This is the gravity gun my father was talking about." ―Alyx Vance

Sulphen wields a gravity gun, the gun uses a specialized laser to stun enemies and other players. In the game Half-Life, however, it does the exact opposite. The gun can pick up certain physical objects to throw at enemies, either stunning them or killing.

History (WIP)


In 2007, Sulphen was introduced to Roblox.

The Void Discovery

The Void Discovery was a perfect find for 2007 Sulphen, AKA Stefano. Stefano was on the games page of roblox, it was easy to get front page due to lack of games. Stefano found a game called "0." Upon finding, Stefano went into the game. It was empty. No baseplate, no spawn. One brick floating around, unreachable. He got bored quick and left. The creator is unknown since Stefano had forgotten about it.