15 Z1

When my connection with Kindle was cut off, I had a sense of who had caused it.

Zuka is shown at Khranos with a rose in his hand. Upon placing the rose on Lyle's coffin, it becomes a portal to some other dimension. This portal ejects X, then causes X to be sucked out of Dignity, and his other parts, and sent off to wherever he came from.
14 Z2

When I understood who... I came to understand why.

13 Z3

But, in the end...

And thus since this is after ascension, Ember wins the war, we are free to do whatever we want as Providence watches over. Though, this was confirmed to be a dream by Pinecone, so none of this ever actually happened.
12 Z4

...How much did it all matter?

11 Z5

As it turns out...

10 Z6

Quite a bit.

9 Z7

With all of ROBLOX finally united...

8 Z8

All foreign entities...

7 Z9

Forced hundreds of thousands of miles away

6 Z10

There was potential for a grand enlightenment.

5 Z11

Now came the time for all ROBLOXians to come together, and indulge in creation.

4 Z12

I suppose, all things considered, the rook, the pawn, the queen, the king, the bishop, the knight, there was only one question left that mattered.

3 Z13

What will you build?