Zukember is the result of Zuka fusing himself with Mystery Kid, Zukaakuz, Minish, Ember and Kindle. They did so by combining the voidstar with the 1X1X1X1 brick and ascended with everyone as seen in the drawing "Ascension". Zukember's ultimate purpose was to destroy X permanently by using the power of autumn. They were never fully created until August 20th, 2016; however, the account existed since December 2016.

The plan was that Zukember would go in and bring X down to low health with the help of everyone else on the same side that was also there. Everyone was to be sure to keep X on low health so that Zukember could deliver the final blow to X and use up all of their raw energy in the process.

This would in turn create a chain reaction resulting in Zukember fading away from existence, and since Ember was one of those pieces, it resulted in making the pieces of Meta, the denizen deity, fade from existence as well, including Vortex.

Later in the story, Yenne, MystifyChild, and Dignity would join Zukember, while Yenne being a temporary piece.

As of 2018/07/20, Zukember and their respective components have been revived by Yenne during the final battle.

Zukember Rendition

Artist's rendition by Mysterykid.